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CCTV Installations

We do CCTV installations ranging from Schools, Commercial, industrial, Mining etc.


We install from entry level to much sophisticated intelligent systems to satisfy our customers and to suit that particular application. We also do upgrades from analogue to IP systems to match the standard of today's technology whereby it can record on embedded system or on cloud

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Alarms systems installation.

We install all kinds of alarm system whether wired or wireless and monitor them from our control room, our clients as well can monitor from cellphone APP at a real time. Texecom and IDS panels are the most used systems at an affordable price.


Mining or Farming wireless CCTV

Commercial CCTV systems are possible with wireless networking or fibre-optic networking. Our technical teams all expertise to handle both wireless and fiber-optic network.


DATA Networking Technology

DATA Network and WIFI distribution for any application whether is home or commercial it is an essential need this nowadays as everyone is using computing gadgets that require internet connection at all times.


We install , configure and support at anytime your system is down or require diagnostics.

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