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Armed Response

Our Armed Response is an app-based service that works with an active data signal with location services. You don’t need to own a vehicle to subscribe, our service is available to you whether you’re home, out shopping, in your car, or commuting.

If you encounter a dangerous situation, or feel unsafe send a panic signal at the touch of a button. With a network of over 180 partners who will come to your aid, all you need to do is press the Hlakula Armed Response button in the app.


Our control room is in a constant contact with our clients on the ground

The controller will then dispatch the appropriate reaction team. If you know that the activation is a false alarm, don't wait for our controllers to contact you


CCTV Control room manages your CCTV Remotely

We keep our clients up to date with what's happening at their properties at all times



HYYP Smart Home is a professional grade Smart Home Solution, provided by your monitoring and armed response supplier. Because when your family or business' security is at stake, DIY doesn't make the grade.

With HYYP Smart Home you can:
- manage your alarm system remotely - arm in multiple configurations, disarm, bypass troublesome zones, and view the live status of your alarm
- access a live event log so you know exactly who did what, and when
- control user access to your alarm - add visitors to your home, control access rights of employees, all without them ever being given a code to your alarm
- receive real-time notifications - know what is happening as it happens, and control user access to event notifications
- respond to an event by calling your monitoring company or critical contacts direct from the app

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